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ZAMBELLI launches its first “Style&Whisky” night.

ZAMBELLI launches its first “Style&Whisky” night.On Monday the 7th of March, ZAMBELLI’s CEO Dorry Kordahi held the first “Style&Whisky” event at the flagship store in Balmain.


Guests joined him for a private evening of craftsmanship that included a fine Scotch whisky tasting experience.


Guests also enjoyed a presentation of ZAMBELLI ways of a gentleman: learning about fabric quality, made to measure and styling tips.


They also had the opportunity to browse privately through the shop and review our wide collection of apparel and accessories.


This was a truly stimulating and indulgent night.


If you would like ZAMBELLI to create a “Style&Whisky” event for your group or corporation, please email



Mr Kordahi says:


A bespoke suit compliments and never shows its age. It conveys that the man wearing it has the taste, the time and the means to appreciate the finer things in life. Every man deserves one but made by whom is the question.


You need your tailor to be careful, diligent and honest. You need him to choose carefully its mills. You need him to know what cut will best flatter your body. You need to be able to determine your tailor’s quality level of craftsmanship.


Our “Style&Whisky” night empowered our guests with quality knowledge which armed them to find the best suit for them.


Your first meeting with a tailor is as much of an initiation as it is a promotion.

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